CCCC presents in Cockburn

10 December 2020
CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge at the City of Cockburn

The CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge team heads to Cockburn to bring people onboard for a sea change.

Today we ran a presentation at the City of Cockburn Youth Centre to introduce the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge (CCCC) to a great bunch of young people. We’d like to send a big thank you to Hugo Jorge, Youth Development Officer at the City for helping to organise this session.

We showed the group a variety of natural (but unusual) objects that wash up on local Perth beaches and then followed up with a sample of some of the man-made objects unfortunately wash up too. This was a great segue into the “what, why and when” of the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge.

It was great to have one of our youth reference group members, Djai Hunter, at the session too. She did a great job explaining why she want to be a coastal change maker.

CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge at City of Cockburn

CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge youth leader Djai Hunter, Perth NRM Adopt A Beach Coordinator Wayne Walters and City of Cockburn Youth Development Officer Hugo Jorge.

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