Youth Reference Group – CSBP Tour

25 February 2021

The Youth Reference Group went on a bus tour of the CSBP facility in Kwinana

Saturday 20 February 2021

The Youth Reference Group went on a bus tour of the CSBP facility in Kwinana. CSBP is a major manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, fertilisers and related services to the mining, mineral processing, industrial and agricultural sectors. Their support of the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge is a way to give back to the local coastal communities.

It was a really nice surprise to see a welcome including the group photo from our recent trip to Penguin Island on CSBP’s digital display as we drove up to the facility.

The group learnt about the important materials that are produced onsite for the agricultural and resource sectors as well the synergies between CSBP and the other industries in Kwinana.

The idea of reduce, reuse and recycle has played an important role across the whole site, including the creation of an artificial wetland, which uses naturally-occurring bacteria to convert nitrogen in wastewater to nitrogen gas, which is then released into the atmosphere.

Natural and artificial wetlands are used by industries throughout the world as part of wastewater treatment to reduce nitrogen, phosphorous and other minerals entering ‘natural’ waterways, which can result in a state called ‘eutrophication’ – an overenrichment of nutrients which can result in algal blooms and a reduction of available oxygen in water, affecting marine life.

After the tour, the Youth Reference Group participated in a communications workshop. We were fortunate enough to have this practical workshop delivered by Gavin Buckley, CEO of TEDx Perth.

The group learnt about the importance of a good ‘elevator pitch’ introduction and interviewing skills to build their confidence and add to the own communication toolbox.

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