Youth Reference Group

Meet the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge Youth Reference Group

Madelyn Ball (18)


“I would like to help take care of our coastlines, by furthering my education on Western Australia’s coastal wildlife and nature.”




Chloe Harrison (18)


“I would like to learn how I can help care for our coast and oceans, and teach others how to do the same.”





Djai Hunter (16)


“I would like to learn more about the coastal environment to better understand and identify problems to create solutions independently and collectively. In which I can develop a habit by practicing to care for the coast in everyday/daily activities and especially when I’m at the beach.”



Tashan Kirubagaran (14)


“I would like to incorporate technology in making our coastal environment more accessible and efficient for all to use and to make the process sustainable and eco-friendly.”




Luke Martin (20)


“I am interested in learning about the ecology of our coastline and ways in which we can protect it.”





Jack Pember (17)


“I would like to preserve the coast, stop pollution and species dying out.”





Kadence Pember (14)


“I would like to clean up our coasts. They are getting ruined by over fishing and rubbish. Help solve issues.”




Jack Walters (18)


“I would like to raise awareness of the issues these environments face by educating people through photos and video. Experiencing the outdoors is important to me and is something I want to share with future generations.”

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